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Stylish in Hues of Yellow

Empress Ena
17 June 1984
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...is a 27 years old, lesbian woman who's currently studying to get an English, German and Arts teacher's degree at the University of Cologne, Germany.

...likes baking, sushi, painting and drawing, cooking, free time, being lazy and procrastinating, sleeping, languages, order, cookies, tea.

...dislikes peppers of any sort, stress, raisins, high-heels, onions, vacuuming, laundry, socks, cold weather, embarrassing situations, university, chaos, tardiness, lies, yoghurt.

Enough of RL.
I absolutely love slash fanfiction.

OTPs do not work for me, I like characters. It does not matter to me with whom they are slashed. Really. Am slutty that way. Those are the characters I love:

Other things I love about fanfiction: Threesomes and Moresomes, Crossovers, Futurefic, AUs, Cliché-fic, Soon-to-be-gay-couple-pretending-to-be-gay-for-w/e-reason, Epics, The bad guys!, The good guys joining the bad guys, Revengefic, Timetraveling.

My homepage-ersatz LJ post with list thing.

Friending Policy:
Feel free to have a look around my LJ and if you like what you see?
Friend away! :D

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