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Before we ate it all! Today was a fun 29th birthday!

(The HELENA on the wall is mine and my flatmate's name combined, with names of Elena and Helena, we just couldn't resist :D)

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Hrrgnargh. Pet peeve in HP fandom:

"Yes, Harry, you are a Parceltongue," he said.

Oh my god. What like this? Harry, you sure changed a lot.


Or what?

The language is called Parseltongue, a person who can speak and understand it is a Parselmouth. *grumble* 13 yrs old fangirls. Also, Serious Black, MacGonnagel, Charley Weesly, Lucious Malefoy, Voldemaart.

Buntstifte Kreis


I do not know if I ever mentioned it in here but I do love make up! Love it! Or rather, as I said in a conversation with my best friend during last friday's Primark shopping haul, I love things that I can paint other things with.

Making everything pretty and neat looking, that's me.

So let me do a little recapitulation post here on good ol' LJ. LJ, which I've kind of ignored the last couple of months becase of Tumblr and it's shiny newness in my life. Ehem. Well...

So, make up.

I've had a bit of a fling with lip related products now that it is spring/summer. I got

1) Manhattan Lip2Last in 44Q.
A bam in-your-face red red. It is a lipcolour plus gloss thing, where you put the colour on, let it dry, then put on sheer gloss over it. Nice!
Here, have a link: Nuttenlippenstiftrot, oh ja.

2) Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream in 53M.
(Got to love these non-descriptive Manhattan "names". Not.) It is a very smooth matte mix of a lipstick and a lipmousse with a gloss applicator. I love it. It smells so good as well, it's a sweet vanilla-ish dessert smell. In fact I'm pondering to get me another colour, maybe something coral-y. 45H and 31S look mighty fine...
Link: So toll.

3) P2 Perfect Color Lipliner in 030 Business Lady.
LOVE it!!! Such a bold satin red, perfect for my complexion. The texture of this lipliner is very smooth for one, if fact, it comes with a little lipbrush at the end of the pen. I use it on it's own, with those two above to create gradients or with a coat of glossy balm on top. Love it.
Link: Der tolle Stift.
Link: Am Mund. (@ MIlchzwerg)

4) Catrice Colour Infusion Longlasting Lipstain in 030 Meet Mrs Rosevelt.
My first lipstain and I had to try one. I find that I love them, such a great idea. While it feels a bit weird to paint your mouth with a marker (Haha, ich mal mir die Schnüss mitnem Edding an!) you get used to it very quickly, It is such a great product, it smells nice, it lasts long and yes, good. I like.
Link: Love this rose taupe colour. (@ Rohrspatzen)

That's it for my DM lip haul. :P

There are two other things I got for myself. One is a glossybox abonnement, (the birchbox went Germany :D) which I'm super excited about. I will post about it when it'll arrive. Promise.

Two is 2 Z palettes! EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee! Z palettes! *jazz hands* Soooooo great! Oh my god. I finally did it and ordered mine because I watched some guru videos this weekend and randomly decided to switch over to watching German make up guru vids - which I normally do not - and some lady mentioned a reseller shop just like makeupgeek.com only in Germany. YAAAY. No enormous postal fees. It is shades-of-pink.de and you can find the z palettes here.

Good, you guys, I'm soooooo happy. I cannot wait until they arrive. Ugh.

And I guess that's when I will post next :B. So see/read you, right?

Comment to ask any questions on any of these awesome products, or, err, on my life, or whatnot. :P

Also, check out my random fandom kittypics nerdy tumblr: Severusslave.tumblr.com

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My brother, a mathematician, send me, artist, panel 1, asking me to make it look better and professional. I made panel 3 for him. Then he emailed me this meme.



My dear friend Hannah has a problem. She bought a new video cam for her wedding video, and now finally has the time to work with the clips.

Turns out the cam saved them as AVCHD (MTS) files.

She is thus unable to work with them and needs either a converter programm that does not fuck with the quality (too much) or a program that can handle these files, cutting and reassembling, mainly.

Does anyone of you know any program? Or a tutorial? Or a friend of a friend who does? Fanvidders, maybe?

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Köln rockt!

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Yay, endlich sind meine Fenster neu silikon-iert worden! Adieu Kälte! Schüssikoffski!
Jetzt riecht es lustig nach Essig bei mir in der Bude.
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